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Software and Applications Development Overview
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Custom Smart Client Software
  • ASP, PHP, and .NET
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Software and Applications Development
MORACOM develops online applications as well as smart client software for a wide range of markets and business sizes, from the small to the very large.

We have developed a number of products which are used as either the building blocks for your solution, or can be used off the shelf as your complete solution. Because MORACOM has these building blocks it means we don’t need to rewrite them for you, which makes MORACOM cost efficient, and gives you a solution you can rely on.
Software and Applications Development Services
Custom Web Applications
These online custom applications can be access from any where in the world via the internet. These applications can also be installed in the local area network and cab be accessed via the intranet. The applications are database driven and indexed for extremely fast response. No need to buy multiple licenses for users, one installation will allow unlimited user accoutns. Share the application with many users accross the globe. Uses for a custom web application ranges from a simple form that will catch a data from a user to a complex data management application. If you dream it we will make it a reality.
View live samples of custom web applications

Custom Smart Client Software
These are customed made standalone software that gets installed in the user's computer. The Smart Client software is database driven and indexed for extremely fast response. The user interface if very friendly with flexible graphical interface. You can use Smart Client software to manage company data by entering, editing, and deleting data. You can also run reports and share those with coworkers by automatically downloading the data to a spreadsheet or word document. The sky is the limit as what you can do custom Smart Client software.

ASP, PHP, and .NET
Our applications are developed in ASP, PHP, and .NET technologies. The backend database can range from MS Access to MS SQL and MySQL.

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