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Data Collection Services Overview
  • Online Surveys
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Web-Based Data Collection
  • Data Entry
  • Data Storage
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Data Collection Services
Fortune 500 companies trust MORACOM to provide efficient and accurate automated data collection solutions. We can help you automate any data collection process and turn it into accessible information.
Information is the lifeblood of today’s business transactions. Organizations continuously gather information to effectively operate and grow their businesses. Those who have automated data collection gain tremendous business advantage by reducing operational costs and increasing productivity. Those who don’t fall behind.
Data Collection Services
Online Surveys
We can deliver a complete online survey for you. From survey content to deployment to reporting, we do everything to build and deliver an exceptionable online survey, whether your survey is short and simple or large and complex.

Reports and Analysis
We find our analysis meets most of our customers needs. They can be created effectively and delivered to your organization in the schedule and method you require. We support the following options to view your survey data: Crystal Reports, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access, and MSSQL

Web-Based Data Collection
MORACOM customizes Web-based data collection tools to meet business needs. Through custom applications, we combine responsive Web-based user interfaces, electronic data file upload and download capabilities, and flexible database architectures. By enabling data collection through the Internet, reporting capabilities are generated in real-time, which offer customers immediate and accessible information.

Data Entry
For some projects, key entry is the most effective data collection solution. Key entry work can include the capture of information from damaged and unscannable documents, or from open-ended responses on scannable documents. Many of our projects involve heads-up key entry, which combines imaging technology with traditional key entry methods

Data Storage
Many of our customers require large-scale data management, including storage and retrieval of imaged documents. MORACOM's capabilities not only extend across mainframe, mid-range, and PC platforms, but also include cross-platform solutions. To help ensure data integrity, all information assets are stored in controlled environments, equipped with security alarm systems and environmental controls.

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