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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Setup my email account Step 1
    Open email client software (i.e. Outlook) and find the tab at the top called *Tools*. This will give you a pull-down menu. Choose *Accounts*. Now you should be in the *Internet Accounts* dialog box.

    Step 2
    In the dialog box, choose the *Mail* tab. Below this now you will see a line that says "Account". Highlight that line. Then on the left choose *Add*. This will start the Internet Connection Wizard.

    Step 3
    The Internet Connection Wizard will guide you through the steps for configuring Outlook. Here are the steps:
    ¤ Your Name
    This is self-explanatory.
    ¤ Email Server Names
    For your incoming (POP3) server, enter the following:
    Note: Do not use the www prefix.
    For your outgoing mail server (SMTP) enter the name of the outgoing mail server for your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
    ¤ Internet Mail Logon
    In this section you will enter the username and password for the email account you want to check. Suppose you are configuring Outlook to check email for the following email address:
    You would enter as the account username. Then you would enter the password it was given to you. Note: if you would like to change your password send an email with your new password to Technical Support.
    ¤ Choose Connection
    Select *Connect using my local area network*. (Do this even if you are using a modem.)
    ¤ Set the Default Account
    To do this, highlight the account you have just created and then choose *Set as Default*.

    Step 4
    At this point your email client will be configured and you'll be ready to check mail.
  • Dreamweaver connect 1. Start the Software
    2. On the Tool Bar, click Site
    3. Then when the drop down menu appears, select Define Sites, Click New, Under Local Info
    4. Site Name:
    5. Local Folder: This is where you store your web files, you can call it domainname
    6. HTTP Address:
    7. Enable Cache: put a check Under Remote Info
    8. Access: FTP
    9. FTP Host: www.yourdomain.comm 10. Host Directory: public_html
    11. login: your username
    12. password: your password
    13. Save: Check the box
    14. Use Passive FTP: checked
    15. Use Firewall: If your Computer is behind a personal firewall, then simply set the configuration.
    16. Enable Checkin/Checkout: Leave this blank
  • CGI/Perl Scripts You may upload your own scripts to it but your scripts must not cause issues with our servers or use too many resources to the detriment of other users.
    Make sure your cgi scripts are uploaded using ASCII transfer mode in your FTP client, and CGI scripts must be placed in the cgi-bin folder to be called from other scripts.
    Your script should also have the permission of 755 set to it.
    The path to the script on our Linux servers would be /home/username/public_html/cgi-bin/somesscript.cgi
    The path to perl in the first line should be /usr/bin/perl
  • Streaming We support progressive media streaming. You can embed it into your site using hyperlinks. We don't have a dedicated streaming server, nor do we offer other forms of live streaming.
    Progressive media streaming means the file would stream while the page is loading rather than wait to play after it has been fully loaded. We offer both progressive streaming and a full download prior to playing based on the code you use on your pages. We do not, however, offer a server just for streaming media.
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